How to 4WD Responsibly


How to 4WD Responsibly

Leave no Trace: 4-Wheel-Driving Tips

Responsible driving tips from photojournalist Danielle Lancaster and Leave No Trace Australia

4WD Treks Close to Brisbane – Caring for the Environment

The author of ‘4WD Treks Close to Brisbane‘, Danielle Lancaster is a keen conservationist. While some may believe four-wheel-driving to be obtrusive on the environment Danielle believes otherwise.

‘Four-wheel drivers on average are people who love the great outdoors. Why would they want to wreck it? It’s about being aware of your environment and what’s going on and that’s exactly what I have tried to include in 4WD Treks Close to Brisbane. The book tells you when the turtle season is on and when not to drive on the beach, what to do if you find an injured animal, how to drive for low impact on the environment, and other important facts.’

A few tips in the book include:1

1. Why it’s important to obey permits and closures

2. Tips on caring for the environment: animals such as sea turtles, birds and reptiles use our beaches and tracks. What to do if you find an injured animal; responsible driving such as not at night in turtle season on the beach, and not through flocks of birds – same of flown a long way and need a well earned rest.

3. Firewood collection – what you see as firewood could be a native animal’s home or nesting site.

4. Forests and dunes are fragile – stay on the track

5. Sand driving – how to make your time driving on sand low impact

6. Sharing our forest and parks with other users such as walkers, horse, push and motor bike riders

27. Fire Bans – what do they mean and how to be prepared

‘4WD Treks Close to Brisbane’ has been released by photojournalist Danielle Lancaster from Bluedog Photography.The book details 25 treks around South East Queensland. With her wealth of expertise, the book guides you to the best 4WD and camping destinations in the region and ensures you travel with complete confidence. The book includes concise route maps, detailed route information, things to see and do, and information on campsites/picnic areas.

To find out more or purchase the book:

Danielle’s company Bluedog Photography offers photography courses around South East Queensland, online courses, and photography tours.

Green Guide to Four Wheel Driving – Leave No Trace Australia

For further detailed suggestions about responsible 4-wheel-driving, the organisation Leave no Trace Australia ( has developed a series of “green guides” to assist you further. Specifically, please view and read “Green Guide to Four Wheel Driving” written by Prof. Ralf Buckley. This guide is a great resource.

3.23Initiated by Cameron Crowe in 2001, Leave No Trace Australia is a national non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting
and inspiring responsible outdoor travel and recreation through education, research and partnerships. Leave No Trace builds awareness, appreciation and respect for our natural and cultural heritage. They are dedicated to promoting attitudinal change and the empowerment of individuals, companies and communities to accept responsibility for the conservation of their natural environment. This is achieved by forming partnerships to foster the development of Leave No Trace minimal impact skills and ethics.

The Chair of the Board is Tim Macartney-Snape, Australia’s leading Mt Everest mountaineer, and a responsible travel advocate. Tim undertakes annual treks with responsible travel operator World Expeditions. Tim is currently on a tour of Australia with World Expeditions presenting the trials and tribulations of the first Australian ascent of Mount Everest, titled ’30 Years from the Summit’. There are only a few days left, so catch it if you can – we can guarantee it will be the best $20 you can spend!






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