Responsible Travel & Eco Product Criteria


Responsible Businesses Criteria

Want to be featured on this website?

I encourage all responsible/eco travel and lifestyle companies to contact me to feature their product on my website, and to participate in promoting responsible travel and living. To maintain the integrity, professionalism and reputation of the partners Our Planet Travel works with, as well as my own, certain criteria apply.

Our Planet Travel participation criteria

Our responsible travel and eco product criteria are based on the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s (GSTC) Criteria for Sustainable Tourism:

Certified Companies and Products:

  1. Participation is automatically approved if you are a certified member of an eco accreditation association that is recognised internationally; or a certified member of a sustainable/responsible/ecotourism accreditation organisation for travel-related companies or products
  2. Eco accreditation organisations for tourism products in Australia include: Ecotourism Australia; EarthCheck; along with other eco certification programs (eg. ISO 14000), including organic certifiers accredited by DAFF (there are 7 organic certifiers currently in Australia).
  3. Internationally recognised accreditation organisations, inclduing the GSTC’s Recognized Standards accreditation organisations
  4. Please note that Our Planet Travel will verify your certification; and participation is subject to this verification
  5. As any new certification programs are registered, their details will be updated here on our website

If your certifying organisation is not listed here; or your company/product is not certified, the below criteria apply – or just ask.

Non-Certified Companies and Products:

Certification is not compulsory to be featured; however, the following criteria are suggested as much as possible:

  1. Water/energy/fuel/waste minimisation processes implemented
  2. Low-energy appliances and lighting installed
  3. Show active respect and consideration of the local environment and community, and cultural sensitivity ie. local religions / traditions
  4. Minimal negative impact on the environment and community
  5. Environmentally-friendly construction methods and materials used
  6. Use and recommend eco-friendly amenities and products
  7. Provide interpretation and education to staff and visitors to encourage sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices; and respect for wildlife and the environment
  8. Source food and guest services from local providers
  9. Undertake sustainable procurement ie. purchase items from sustainable sources
  10. Carbon emission reduction processes in place
  11. Business has legal operating certification and meets legal compliance regulations ie. permits and licenses; required insurances; public liability insurance etc…
  12. Risk management procedures in place. ie. workplace health and safety, first aid, emergency procedures
  13. Environment planning, assessment and management processes implemented
  14. Water, air, soil and noise pollution: minimal impact management processes implemented
  15. Adequate and suitable staff training
  16. Conservation initiatives; contributing to conservation projects; wildlife education for visitors and staff
  17. Community involvement and provide local community benefits
  18. Responsible/sustainable business operations, management and marketing

You don’t need to meet all the above criteria, but as many of the above points as possible are preferred. If your product/company doesn’t meet the above criteria, please contact Our Planet Travel direct to discuss.

Ecotourism Australia Members Offer

Special Offer: if you are a certified member of Ecotourism Australia, you are entitled to a free blog / feature listing on Our Planet Travel. Please just email Melanie to obtain details and a content form to complete. No cost. Members can also book a free tourism Marketing Review session with Melanie – see Planet Marketing for details.

Writers, Bloggers & Photographers

Story submissions, pitches, and photo essays are welcomed. However, please note that the above listed criteria apply to any specific products or companies that are included or mentioned in an article. Companies will not be featured if they don’t meet the required minimum criteria. General destination articles are fine, as long as the focus is predominantly on eco and responsible tourism experiences and products.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions about the criteria.

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