Photo comp prize winners Ed4

Nicholas_Wolff_willie wagtail nest__websiteOPT

Congratulations to our Edition 4 Photography Competition winners!

It was very hard making a decision once again… so many great photos – thanks so much to everyone who entered the competition.

And BIG thanks to the prise sponsors:

Britz Campervans: 1st prize – a 5-day free rental vehicle prize

Conservation Volunteers Australia: 2nd prize – a $400 travel voucher to use on one of their Eco Naturewise Escapes tours

A round of applause to our Judge as well – professional photojournalist Danielle Lancaster from Bluedog Photography.

Our next competition is one – so get out your camera, and get your best eco travel shots!! Here are a few wildlife photography tips from Danielle from Bluedog. The next Our planet Travel photo competition for Edition 5 closes on 1 April 2016.

1st Prize: Nicholas Wolff – Willie Wagtail eggs in a nest, Witta, QLD

1stprize_Nicholas_Wolff_willie wagtail nest_QLD_sml

Judge’s comments: A beautiful and intimate nature capture. A fabulous use of creative depth of field in this image. The image needs to centred and cropped a little on the right – nothing much but it weighs a little to the right hand side at present. It looks like you have used some form of direct lighting like flash or a torch which is fine. Keep an eye on your shadow though. Looking forward to seeing more of your adventures!

2nd Prize: James Chew – Pelican at Sussex Inlet, NSW

2ndprize_James_Chew_Early Pelican at Sussex Inlet_NSW_sml

Judge’s comments: This was so close to being my #1. What lovely lighting around your subject, we can see individual feathers and the light through the tip of the beak is superb. Keep an eye on your background and remember the background should complement not compete with your subject. Congratulations and I hope to see more of your images next issue.

Runner Up: Cherri Deutschmann – Tree on beach, Cape York, QLD

Judge’s comments: A lone tree always embraces a landscape photographer. The composition is perfect using the rule of thirds – a rule that applies to so many genres in photography. The image I feel is a little over exposed and if you are not using a polarising filter I would strongly recommend this. Keep up the great work!

Special Mention: Will C (13-years old) – close-up of moss in the Blue Mountains