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Jon Muir – A Simple Man with an Amazing Life…

I can’t wait – this event will tick two big boxes for me – adventure and sustainability. What could be better than that?

On Thursday evening I’m off to see Jon Muir present at the University of Queensland. If you’ve heard of him, you’ll know how inspiring he is. If you haven’t, check him out online and buy a ticket to one of his speaking engagements occuring this week and next in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth.

Hosted by responsible travel leader World Expeditions, ‘Off the Grid: A Night with Jon Muir’, will awaken your spirit of adventure and inspire you to live more sustainably, as you learn how adventure and sustainability collided in Jon’s life.

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The determination that saw Jon Muir summit Mt Everest, trek to both poles and walk across Australia – all independently and without support – is evident today in his drive to live sustainably and self-sufficiently.


The ‘Off the Grid’ speaking tour is a rare opportunity to hear Jon speak about his adventures and life in the wild, his commitment to sustainable living and about how his philosophy and life choices have evolved as he’s become increasingly self-sufficient. Today, Jon and his partner, Suzy, live self-sufficiently in rural Victoria.

“I’ll be speaking about mountaineering, Himalayan climbing, and Everest; backyard food systems; my unsupported desert treks in Australia; hunting and gathering at home; my North and South Pole expeditions; harvesting rain water and renewable energy; sea kayaking and ocean sailing; chickens; rock climbing, preserving food and collecting honey,” Jon says.


Some of Jon’s amazing feats are:

  • Making the first Australian ascent of Everest without Sherpa support in 1988
  • His trek to the North Pole in 2000
  • His 6,000km ocean traverse by sea kayak
  • He holds several world records, including for the first solo traverse on foot of Australia’s largest salt lakes
  • He made history by becoming the first person to walk – unsupported – across Australia from Port Augusta to Burketown

Jon has received many accolades, including the Order of Australia, the Centenary Medal for contributions made to Australian Society and the Australian Geographic Society Lifetime of Adventure Award.

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Jon’s partner Suzy also has a fascinating story to tell and I’m looking forward to hearing more about her journey as a breast cancer survivor.

World Expeditions has also launched a new five day ‘Off the Grid’ Farmstay Experience at the home of Jon and Suzy, near Victoria’s beautiful Grampians National Park.

The “off-the-grid” farmstay is a chance to learn about organic farming and sustainable living, through hands-on workshops run by Jon and Suzy, which will cover recycling, aquaculture systems, organic food growing and energy harvesting techniques.

The 5 day “Off the Grid” with Jon and Suzy Muir departs 16 March and 2 November 2019 and costs $2,390 per person, including all meals and four nights camping/rustic accommodation.

Here is a link to a movie trailer about Jon & Suzy’s movie “Suzy & the Simple Man”:

Jon and Suzy Muir

‘Off the Grid’ Event Details

‘Off the Grid: A Night with Jon Muir’ will be held on Wed 7 Nov in Sydney; Thu 8 Nov in Brisbane; Mon 12 Nov in Melbourne and on Tuesday, 13 Nov in Perth. Tickets are $25 per person. Book now with World Expeditions.  For the Brisbane event on 8 November click here to book.

FOR MORE: or phone 1300 720 000.

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