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COMPANY NAME: Gippsland High Country Tours |
LOCATION: Victoria, Australia 

Escape from the pressures of your everyday life and experience the serenity of the High Country, East Gippsland and beyond on a small group nature tour with Gippsland High Country Tours. If you are curious about the natural world, let our expert guides share their love of nature with you.

Explore some very special places including Croajingolong, Snowy River, Errinundra and Alpine National Parks. Imagine walks with wildflowers at your feet and mountains as far as the eye can see, or deserted beaches where the only footprints in the sand belong to you and your small group of fellow walkers. Learn what lives in rock-pools and how plants and animals survive at the tops of the Victorian Alps.

Led by local guides who are passionate about nature you will discover hidden secrets and come home not just refreshed but enriched in knowledge too. For over 20 years, we have been sharing our beloved High Country and East Gippsland with nature lovers, many of whom return again and again. No wonder! This is a real holiday with no meals to prepare, no planning or driving, just relax and enjoy.


A regular program of 3-7 day departures can be found on our website. Most tours and walks include cosy accommodation but occasionally we offer camping for a close to nature experience. Wildlife experiences are a regular joy on any tour, whether it is birds, an echidna on the track, seals playing in the ocean or a wombat on an evening stroll.

A few dedicated birdwatching tours on the program have birdwatching as their focus, but the pace is slow and the emphasis is on enjoying the birds, not just ticking off sightings. You can assist your guide in compiling lists to submit to the Bird Atlas to contribute to knowledge of the distribution of bird species. Don’t feel daunted if you are new to birdwatching. Novice birdwatchers are most welcome, just bring along a keen enthusiasm and appreciation of birds and you will enjoy the support and encouragement of your guide and other participants.

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With over 20 years experience we understand that when you need a holiday break there are some things that are really important to you. We like to think of this type of tour experience as “slow travel”. The whole experience is leisurely, no rushing, no fuss. Time to enjoy, time to learn, time to unwind. Short strolls or energetic bushwalks, the choice is yours.

Peace and quiet are precious moments in this modern world and we give you time for solitude so you can take in your surroundings at you own pace and enjoy the atmosphere. Relax, breathe in the clear mountain air, take time to smell the fragrant bush scents and touch the smooth trunks of the snowgums.

The groups are always small (between 3 and 11), so you enjoy the fun and companionship of other like minded nature lovers without the crowd. Friendships are often formed and many comment how much they enjoy the friendly and inclusive groups.

Our guides not only have a wealth of knowledge and a deep love of the environment but they care about your wellbeing and ensuring you enjoy your experience to the maximum. We know the best places to go and the best time to be there. As locals, your guides know some of those special places that the average traveller just won’t find.


Responsible Tourism Credentials

Gippsland High Country Tours is very proud to have been amongst the first batch of 13 tour operators in Australia to receive Ecotourism Accreditation in April 1997. All current ecotour and walk products hold Advanced Eco-certification.

Environmental interpretation is an integral part of every tour experience and is usually conducted very informally. We aim to provide not just an enjoyable holiday experience, but to enlighten participants about the complexity of natural environments and instil a sense of wonder and curiosity which will in turn lead to a more thorough understanding and appreciation of the natural world. When people understand and value nature they are more motivated to help protect it.

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Cultural interpretation focuses on the traditional owners of the area but we also aim to give participants a genuine local experience with an insight into present day lifestyles and heritage of local communities and other user groups post European settlement.

Gippsland High Country Tours has minimal impact practices in place for all tours and for all aspects of our business. We support local businesses and communities and make practical contributions to conservation mainly through data collection and research.


Company name: Gippsland High Country Tours
Phone: +61 3 5157 5556

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