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BaliSpirit Festival Indonesia 2

Bali goes green – BaliSpirit Festival

Upon the Green Fields of Bali WORDS AND IMAGES: MARIE BARBIERI Welcome to Bali’s holistic hinterland, home to the renowned BaliSpirit Festival, community outreach projects and responsible eco stays. Bali is (MORE...)

Art in Kakadu National Park

Art in Kakadu – Northern Territory

WORDS & IMAGES: DANIELLE LANCASTER This is Kakadu – My People’s Country Selone takes travel writer and photographer Danielle Lancaster on a special tour of Kakadu – one of (MORE...)

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Florida Key deer Key Deer Refuge

In Search of Rare Florida Wildlife

On the trail to find Florida’s rare wildlife… Dana Benner takes us to the Florida Keys region – in search of its rare and elusive wildlife. 2 out of 3 sightings ain’t bad.  Florida is a

Walking in wildflowers at Grootbos

Reserved for Nature – Grootbos

Reserved for Nature WORDS & IMAGES: MARIE BARBIERI For a luxury lodge that is also a world leader in sustainable ecotourism, head to Grootbos Private Nature Reserve in the heart of South Africa’s Cape